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Luciano Marcato


The elegance of Venice and the love of detail for 40 years.

The Luciano Marcato signature presents collections with an Italian identity, a worldwide exclusivity by relying on European textile manufacturers.

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Founded in Venice by Luciano Marcato in 1962, Marcato has been synonymous with Venetian luxury and style for over 40 years. Its creator built up a successful company, he was a passionate textile expert, well-known for his elegant style and his eye for details.

Marcato was specialised in the creation of upholstery fabrics in collaboration with several popular designers and produced all articles exclusively in Italy.

Even today, connoisseurs of the furnishing and decoration fabric market still remember the flagship products: the refined transparent sheers often made of precious blends of silk, linen and cotton presented in the Maestrale collection, the iconic stripes with unique colour-associations and the classic medallions of the ornamental treasures of Italian textiles.

In 2010, a few years after the company was taken-over by the successors of Mr. Luciano Marcato, Casal decided to buy the brand and make it its own high-end line of Italian inspiration. In order to maintain a link with the company's tradition, Casal undertakes a collaboration with the designer Felice Pessi, son of one of the members of the Luciano Marcato’s creative team.

The fabrics are inspired by past times and today, by history and by materials. Each collection is composed by original and sophisticated patterns coordinated with plains and semi-plains. These combinations make the collections conceptual and complete products, suitable for the decoration of any type of interior.

Thanks to a successful balance between tradition and contemporary design, Luciano Marcato's creations tell the story of a timeless Italian style. Fabrics embellished by the patina of time, placed in a contemporary context by their finishes and shades; unusual patterns, vibrant colour combinations and innovative technologies.

In recent times, Mr. Pessi's style has brought Luciano Marcato's products into a world of refined and sophisticated semi plains. The Integrali, Cosmopolitan and Orizzonte collections illustrate the success of the new creative direction.


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