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Editor of upholstery and decoration fabrics since 1840

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Chanée-Ducrocq Deschmaker Delaroière has been an editor of furnishing fabrics since 1840.

Originally manufacturer of silks and jacquards and tapestries, the group has been constantly evolving and has developed through numerous take-overs. At the end of the 20th century, it became a key player in the furnishing velvet sector with unforgettable articles such as Etendard and Alpaga. The large choice of velvets offered in this classic and "stylish" range was completed with the arrival of Deschmaker, which introduced a contemporary and very colourful style.

The Chanée-Ducrocq Deschmaker group will be acquired by Casal in July 2019.

At the beginning of 2020, bestsellers such as the famous Marmara mohair velvet and Deschmaker's velvet jacquards with geometric patterns and bright shades are reissued under the Chanée-Deschmaker by Casal signature.

In March 2020, the essential Les Classiques 322 collection will also be revisited. It became part of the Chanée-Deschmaker by Casal line and was a huge success. The iconic upholstery fabrics offer a complete range of products in a resolutely classic style with lampas, damasks and tapestries; small florals, galloons, twists and friezes.

The acquisition of this company in 2019 has brought new know-how and enriches Casal's heritage, while preserving the identity of each brand in the group.


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