Our history

1996 - 2000 :

The classic style

In 1996 Mr Philippe Driot, founder of the company DRIOT-GRADI, decides to sell his business to the new group Casalthat keeps diversifying its products.Driot-Gradi’s collections are famous for curtain and upholstery fabrics in the classic style, they will enhance Casal’s product offer with plain velvets and sheers.

Jean-Mathieu Prévot and ChristianRabaron, CEO of CSA INTERNATIONAL (Conseil et service à l’international), are discussing about a possible partnership during the professional exhibition Proposte in Come - Italy, in May 2000. Indeed, M. Rabaronis well established in the export market and enables CASAL’s collections to become international, while CSA leans on the infrastructure and logistics inThann.

During the 2000s, the collection Sofa Millenium, result of this partnership, becomes very successful all over the world.