Our history

2010 :

Stripes, sheers and medallion style

In 2010 CASAL takes over the first foreign brand : LUCIANO MARCATO, founded in 1962 in Venice and synonym of luxury and Italian style.

Passionate by tradition and Italian textile expertise, CASAL launches its high-end line of products with the signature Luciano Marcato. Today the collections of this brand are still created by an Italian designer and almost entirely made in Italy.

The stripes and the classic medaillons have always been the iconic designs of the brand. In the current Luciano Marcato’s product offer, stripes are actualised with the Canal Grande collection and the traditional classics of the Arciduca Asburgo collection have been reissued during the take-over in 2010.

The refined sheers with elegant designs are part of the Italian textile heritage of Luciano Marcato. Casal expands its curtain product offer with new versions of the Maestrale collection which collects the best sheers of the brand.