Our history

1970s :

tapestry and Genoa velvets

One of Scheurer-Lauth’s most important client, the O.A.L. company founded in Paris in 1945, was looking for a successor in order to assure itsfuture. Originally specialised in technical products for the bedding industry, they developed a good expertise in tapestry and Genoa velvets.

Pierre Prévot decides to take over the Parisian company in 1964 and in 1976, when the CEO retires, his son Jean-Mathieu Prévot takes the head of O.A.L.

These are the first steps into the high-end upholstery fabric market and the cut-sales business. This take-over outlines the conquest of a new market with its prestigious products and its distribution rules.

In 1990 Jean-Mathieu relocates the headquarter from Paris to Thann. In order to highlight the new spirit of the company, he decides to retitle the collectionsas the name of his eldest daughter: AMÉLIE PRÉVOT.