Our history

Textile origins

The Prévot-family are direct descendants of two popular characters of textile history. On the one side Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf, creator of the Toile de Jouy and founder of the famous manufacture in Jouy-en-Josas; on the other side Auguste Scheurer, founder of the textile printing mill created in Alsace in 1841.

This beautiful family history starts in the 1842, when Auguste Scheurer moves his in-law’s textile printing factory from Mulhouse to Thann, and changes the name from Rott to SCHEURER-ROTT.

Despite of the first difficulties including a fire that seriously threatens the company, it becomes one of the most important textile printing factories in Europe at the end of the 19th century. By that time Jules and Albert, sons of Auguste, are at the head of the company. The name changes again in SCHEURER-LAUTH and around a thousand employees are working there before the first world war.

The name Prévot appears thanks to the wedding of the officer Gustave Prévot, coming from Millau in the south of France, and Antoinette Scheurer, daughter of Jules Scheurer. The small factory remains prosperous until the mid-50s, even after the German nationalization during the second world war. Settled in Thann, the company has twenty-seven printing machines and produces everyday 120 000 meters of fabric for upholstery and garment.

In 1962, the market transformations convince Gustave and his son Pierre Prévot to sell their production capacities and only keep the creation and distribution of their collections. Moreover, they decide not to continue with the garment fabric production, but to concentrate the company’s actions on the upholstery fabric business. Thanks to this strategic shift, the company will become an important French actor of printed fabrics.