Our history

2019 :

The velvet jacquard and « Les Classiques 322 »

In 2019, Pierre-Edouard Prévotmarks his first take-over following the family tradition. The company CHANÉE DUCROCQ DESCHMAKER et DELAROYERE, very well-known in the French upholstery textile market is now part of the group CASAL. This acquisition enhances the expertise and the variety of Casal in classics, jacquards and velvets.

In 2020 the jacquard velvets with geometric designs and bold colors of Chanée Deschmaker are reissued under the signature CHANÉE DESCHMAKER by CASAL.

Thanks to the enthusiastic welcoming that the customers demonstrated, CASAL decides to reissue the famous Les Classiques 322 collection whichis a great success too. It offers a complete range of product in classic style such as lampas, damasks, tapestries, small flower patterns, galloons, twists and friezes.